eRDE-eCKE Mission (EN)

We strongly believe there are more people of good will out there than the state of our environment would suggest, so we have taken up the cause of bringing together some solutions for a more sustainable life that would make a real and meaningful difference.

We think that the very common approach of tackling the garbage and plastic problems from the end (symptoms) through rubbish separation and recycling is simply not enough. These problems can be thought of from the beginning (source) and instead of always buying products with superfluous packaging, we could use less packaging in the first place or those that are made from renewable materials and are reusable. More importantly, we can use a system where one can bring own containers and refill them with the desired amount.

In order to help protect the environment through reduction of harmful substances and unnecessary plastic waste, we have set ourselves a mission to provide healthier-life enthusiasts in Berlin with natural, eco-friendly and vegan products of daily use that utilize zero-plastic and produce absolute minimum-waste. There are many products available to refill from returnable and reusable containers, instead of ending up as rubbish and other products that require only minimum natural packaging or come without any packaging whatsoever.

We are deeply concerned with helping fellow human beings and making Earth a better place to live for everybody through the simple act of doing shopping. It is our dream and a plan to open a shop where we can offer goods that will supply the whole household, including groceries. We intend to search out new ways of sparing waste while providing the necessities of life and invent/discover those new ways and get into relations with producers who will help us bring them into reality.

We want to involve as many people as possible into environmental projects like ours, because the more people support eco-friendly lifestyle, the better it is for the planet and for us all. We are only at the beginning of our way, but when you start at the bottom, there are plenty of experiences to be excited about.