eRDE-eCKE Solutions (EN)

What we offer is natural (in respect to both the manufacturing method and the materials used) products of everyday use that can be refilled into one’s own containers or can be taken away in just a simple paper wrapping. It is our utmost priority not to produce unnecessary rubbish backstage. We support local producers who use exclusively natural, organic and plant-based ingredients and very often make their products by hand..

Many of our products are sold as refillable concentrates to dilute at home. The water needed for it each of us already has at home, so why transport the whole thing around? Through this, you save space in your closet, drag less bottles home and ultimately save a lot of money because concentrates result in a comparatively large quantity of a ready-to-use product with less quantity and lower price. Think about all the plastic bottles that will not end up on a landfill, the reduced air pollution thanks to the reduced fuel consumption during transport and – last but not least – all the money that it saves for you – it is worth it to recalculate!

These concentrates just as some other products come to us in deposit containers, which will be returned to the manufacturer and reused or they come with absolute minimum packaging, which is just a paper wrapping or a carton box. Still others require no packaging at all.

Main features of our products:

• very environmentally friendly, 100% of natural origin, without pollutants or plastics, completely biodegradable, vegan, animal-origin-free

• saving money and sparing burden to the environment as our concentrates are highly concentrated/efficient and very economical

• realisation of true “zero waste” and “zero single-use plastic” system through the use of returnable and reusable containers, only necessary natural packaging or no packaging at all  

• exceptionally mild and gentle to the skin, making them especially good for people with • sensitive skin, children and allergy sufferers or even pets

• versatile and combinable so they eliminate the need for separate superfluous products and create more free space at home

• very effective without negative outcome on humans and the environment

making getting any desired quantity possible, which means no wasting and saving money

• reducing of waste by refilling into own containers, thus avoiding unnecessary packaging