eRDE-eCKE Story (EN)

WHAT ON EARTH ARE WE DOING to our beautiful planet and, ultimately, ourselves?! This question burns a painful hole in our souls when we think about the innumerous reports about the environment pollution accompanied by heartbreaking pictures of plastic mountains or poor animals killed by alarmingly growing plastic waste. We have all seen it : fish, whales and birds take plastic parts for food and thousands die because of it.

It has been proven by scientists: microplastic has already entered our food chain; it has been found in almost everything we eat and drink and we also breath it in as microparticles! The scientific data are alarming! Millions of tons of harmful waste end up every year in the oceans and 3/4 of it all is plastic, which needs hundreds or even thousands (like glitter) of years to decompose.1,2

A truckload of plastic waste lands in our oceans every single minute3 and causes unimaginable harm to animals and the nature! In Germany alone 11,8 million tons of plastic packaging waste are produced annually4, what makes Germany one of the biggest polluters in the world!5

It is the human activity that brought our priceless environment to its deplorable condition and we are ALL responsible! Not just the “corporate world” that perpetuates environmental exploitation and excessive consumerism; also we as consumers and, more importantly, as human beings, each carry a responsibility through our individual actions that DO make a difference!

Each and every one of us has an obligation to burden the environment we all live in to the smallest possible degree through more conscious choices. Not buying products that damage the environment and buying environmentally friendly products (and using them in an environmentally friendly way) is the least an individual can do to protect our common home. Because if we don’t wake up and do our little bit, then what are the prospects for us and our kids in future? Just think about it for a while.

So, as worried and conscious citizens, bearing all the aforesaid in mind, we decided to do a little more than “our little bit” and help our fellow humans make better choices and live healthier, more sustainable and more meaningful life.